Monday, June 29, 2009

Roll Out!

I remember watching Transformers cartoon on TV 17 years ago. I would sit in front of the TV when it was time just to see Optimus Prime. Back then, I knew Optimus as the lorry that can transform. Well, the image of Optimus is very vague though.

those were the bulky days

And then the first Transformers movie came out. The robots weren't box-shaped as depicted in the cartoons. They actually look like robot body builders. Childhood memories came back to me when I watched it in 2007. The summary was Good vs. Evil. That was 2 years ago.

Sean Witwicky

Last Friday, had a cellgroup outing and the plan was to watch Transformers 2. The trailer of the movie made me abit too eager to watch it. As I stepped into the cinema, my heart was beating so hard I could hardly breathe. Err, that was just a metaphor to describe how I felt.


The first thing that made my heart skip a beat was Megan Fox. The way she leaned on the motorbike made her hotter. This time around, the summary was, Autobots saving mankind from the destructive Decepticons and to stop them from getting the Matrix of Leadership that will activate the sun harvester. One thing that I dont really like is the good guys can't fly. Damn it. To sum it up, the CGI was really fantastic and the casts were superb.

Hey there, it's alrite to drool abit

There's one thing I figured out, the Matrix of Leadership is just an excuse to kidnap Megan Fox.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bak Kut Teh@Subang

I can't remember when was the last time I had bak kut teh. Funnily, I got a message from Chee Tat asking me to have bak kut teh for dinner with a few friends. We decided that we'll meet up at 7.30pm. And so I picked Clement, Hoepack and his friend Ernest up and headed to the restaurant to meet up with Alvin. There were a few bak kut teh shops in a row so we chose the one with the most customers. Shop name - Restoran Ah Ping Bak Kut Teh.

Bah Kut Teh Teh Teh!

We ordered first because the hunger was quite unbearable. When the food arrived, Chee Tat was still nowhere to be seen so we ate first. Clement was especially hyper, ate and talked non-stop.

Eventually, at 9pm, we finished our share of bak kut teh and 15 minutes later, Chee Tat showed up. According to him, he took a wrong turn and headed towards Karak instead of Subang. Being good people, we left him some food. He ate like a hungry man that survived a famine.

'Potato CheeTat' by Sean hooi.

It's okay to cry

Before ending this post, just for viewing pleasure,

Hoepack : "Look at my brutha ya'll"

I wonder what he's trying to convey.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson wasn't whom I grew up listening to. Instead I knew of the legend's existence through one of his songs, Heal The World, when I was 5 years-old. I was and still am impressed by his sleek moves. The moonwalk, anti gravity lean and the beats in his music that he came up with really did made an impact on the dance and music scene. No comments about his child molestation allegations though.

A one minute silence for the King of Pop

It's truly a loss that his time is up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekend at the Beach + Father's Day

Traveled back to Kuantan to celebrate Father's day last weekend with Chee Tat being my companion. I wanna wish all fathers, fathers-to-be, and have-been-fathers a very Happy Father's Day although it's a lil' overdue.

Happy Father's Day

Well, for me, I have 2 fathers. Biological father, and also my god-father. Both are Great men. Went to a seafood restaurant for dinner and went for dim sum with them the next morning. Ahh, I'll have to repeat, it's good to be home.

That was the Father's day part.

Next up, Cle, Chee Tat, Soon, Hoepack, Adeline and I went to the beach to do some stunts and play some frisbee. Let me try to write a poem to describe the beach.

The colour was murky,
the waves were choppy,
the rocks were rocky,
the water was salty.

The sky wasn't blue,
which is so true,
I have no clue,
why it wasn't blue.

The bunch of us jumped in and out of the water like professional divers, praying hard that we won't hit any of the rocks. And then, something happened, the frisbee flew out of our range and my lifeguard instincts took over, I dived but Chee Tat was even faster, he was ahead of me and I wanted to catch hold of him. Then, I felt pain on my left arm and everyone concluded that it wasn't safe to continue our antics. The pain was caused by a jellyfish that panicked my friends, especially -- Ah Soon. Everyone told me that I should pee on my arm else they will pee on me.

Chillby Jello

Fortunately, my immune system fought it and won.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Choices.. Through My Eyes.

God gave us choices? I believe that only those old enough to think for themselves have choices but under certain circumstances. I believe that there's a God. I believe that there's no ultimate power which is invisible to us that has the ability to switch things around. If there is one, why are all the sufferings going on? Why are children dying all around the world? Did they choose to be in that situation? Did the babies choose to be in their mother's womb when their mothers died unable to give birth to them in a war? Guess not.

I believe each road leads to different difficulties.

Choices? you tell me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Hair Approach

My hair has been speculated by a few people I know. One of them is a guy I've known for 6 years, Ho Hsien Loong. His comments always include vocabs that I can't seem to understand. While my hair has got curl waves, he can create a story that tells about where the afro originated from. He gives 'advices' like telling me to rebond my hair.

And so, I tried a different putting on a wig.

'you got problem ah now? CB'

I swear I will never have the above kind of hairstyle. It's the failed-ah-beng hairstyle. It amazes me how ah bengs can have hairstyles like this and roam the streets as if they look like Jay Chou.

'Bon voyage, fugly hair'

Conclusion, I'm really very contented with what I have, and it includes my au naturel hairtype.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learning Japanese, code name - LJ

Back when I was 14, I learnt some simple and basic Japanese at school. 8 years later, after forgetting every single Jap that I learned, one of the subjects that I have to complete in uni is --Introduction to Japanaese.

The SENSEI started the class by telling everyone to buy the Jap books, one is in Jap and the other is the translation of it. Next, we were told that photocopying of the Rm 56 book is prohibited.

If found guilty, the maximum sentence is that we will be fined Rm10,000. I find this funny because it's only this Jap book that cannot be photostated. I guess it's alright to photostat the other copyrighted books. Haha, trying to instill integrity while everyone is drinking kopi.

After explaining the details, SENSEI started the class by teaching us how to pronounce some simple daily greetings and numbers. I find it funny because the number 1 is pronounced as itchy , 9 is hachi, 7 is nana, 4 is yawn.. *yawns*. Oh, one more word, 'No' was taught to us too, it's 'iie', I wonder where the 'meh-teh' went.

All of these came to an end after I found out that I wasn't supposed to take more than 5 subjects because my points are less than 2(failed 2 subjects) and so I dropped this Jap unit and there goes my Rm56.

Phuckin' great!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jerry's Farewell Party@Poppy

It started out with sober Kuantan people gathering in front of Poppy for a farewell gathering for our friend who will be going to UK - Jerry. We all started to drink a little after being led to the table.

The 3 who saved Leon

Ade & Jerry

Everyone arrived about half an hour later and we decided to head to the dancefloor. It was quite humid in there and I think everyone would've suffocated if it was not for some parts which were open-air.
"Did you see what I saw?"

The dancefloor was so packed I started to feel what those illegal immigrants hiding in the back of a lorry felt. Ade pushed her way through to the middle and that was it. The space was so tight anyody shorter than Hoepack would've died smelling some dude's armpit.

Then, 2 guys not older than 20 moved closer and attempted to dry hump the girls. Hoepack closed the gap and told me to 'ward off those evil spirits' which I did and the 2 kids, were literally stuck to my back. Those minutes felt like hours. Miraculously, they disappeared after some time.

The girls ( there were 2 more)

Towards the end of the party, Leon started to drink like a cow. After it was over,he drank even more. He was up to any challenge thrown at him. It lasted for a while until he can take it no more and slept like a baby.....on the roadside pavement.

"I'm number 1"

Sleeping by the roadside

"I need the kiss of life"

"Sir, you alrite sir?"

Sleeping in peace

Upon reaching Hoepack's condo, the 'baby' didnt want to get out of the car and even threatened to whack the 3 of us - Jerry, Hoepack and me. =.= . Fearing for his our safety, we left him there with the windows down so that he'll make it through the night. Well, he made it through and walked up to Hoepack's condo in the morning.

A toast to all sober people that night, and till I see you again Jerry!

As for me, I'd say it was an enjoyable night but I didnt meet my own expectations. hehe.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Frisbee 'Photoshoot'

*the following post tells about the photoshoot we had before my classes resume*

Not getting tired of the beach, Mike, Cle, Jerry, Chee Tat and I went to the beach to have some frissbee-throwing. The ever-inspired Cle, whipped out Jerry's camera and told us how we should take some shots while someone threw the frisbee, the other person should leap from the rock trying to catch it.

And these are the outcomes.

First up was me,

I felt like superman

I remember slamming my face flat against the water a couple of times.

Next up was Chee Tat,

"I'm gonna do this shit!"


with just a lil' push from his powerful hind legs, he took off.

Then it was Jerry's turn,

"I did it!"
and he made a trademark for himself, the-hands-in-the-air-one-leg-curl pose.

Without hesitating, Mike stood on the rocks and after saying a prayer, leaped with faith.

"I beeelieve I can fly"

I wonder who threw the frisbee that way.

And lastly, the cameraman Clement,


oh boy , was he happy.

And thank God there wasn't any casualties. phew.

Monday, June 1, 2009


is where my heart is.

After being at home for 3 weeks, I left Kuantan with a heavy heart. The 3 weeks of holidays were great. The fellowshipping, the outings, and the gatherings were just simply awesome. And every morning, I'll wake up to find my breakfast on the table, oh man, I have great parents.

Well, life's good at home. Not to say it's bad living in KL alone.

say hello to my little friend

Ahh, I realised that I like to be home.