Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Haunting

Have you ever played the man-eating zombie game - Left4Dead? Well, this game definitely gave some inspiration to Cle to manipulate the pictures at Sg. Lembing into an adventure, a zombie-infested adventure.

And this - is my version:

It wasn't what they asked for, but soon it became dark and they stumbled upon a mansion in the woods. The scent of the wooden mansion got stronger as they got nearer. Not knowing what awaits them in the mansion, they decided not to stop, until . . .

they saw another mansion just a stone's throw away.
"Is that room light on or am I hallucinating?"Anna said, pointing at the blacked-out mansion.

Holding his flare as high as he could, Chee Tat replied,:"Where?".

Sean lifted his gun, pointed it towards Anna and in a shaky voice he said,:"Step back Chee Tat, she's turning. I'm gonna blow her head off!".

Jerry, on the other hand, assured Sean,:"Hey! calm down! everything's gonna be fine, nobody's gonna die tonight!"

Without a place for shelter, the 4 survivors continued their journey into the woods. Faint cries could be heard at a distance. The probe for survivors continued.

Their vision got accustomed to the darkness and they moved through the woods swiftly. There was only one way out-the flight of stairs in front of them that will lead them down. Thoughts were lingering in their minds on whether they'll get out alive.

The undeniable fact was the walking dead were hot on their heels. Staying alive was the ultimate goal. The little faith in them grew when they saw a deserted church building with a very familiar voice calling out for help. It was Clement.

Rays of the early sun shot through the clouds and their hearts were filled with hope, but only for 12 hours before it's night time again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dare to Fail

And so I failed a couple of subjects. But I still think that I deserve at least a pass after all the last minute effort that I put in. Ah well, failing is a part of life.

To all those who have not failed, you're not special. You're weird and you'll fail someday no matter how hard you try. hehe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Water 'Sports'@Teluk Chempedak

'we took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.'

12 of us, spearheaded by Clement, charged through the woods in search of a better part of the beach. And it was bay 3 that caught his attention. We had the whole stretch of beach all to ourselves. So, we put down our belongings and started to play a game of frisbee in the sea.

lonely stretch

Throwing the frisbee around was fun, but just for awhile. Seeing that all were quite bored with the frisbee, Cle set out to look for a better place, a more secluded area with humongous rocks. I don't know how he does it, but he scale the rocks as if he was a sea cockroach. True enough, he found a site.

big.ass rocks

Trailing the path, we followed suit. Athough the water wasn't that clear due to the choppy waves, this small area was good enough to block out the waves from crashing in, thus we have a calm 'pond'.

little paradise

Some of us started to jump off the rocks into the water while trying to strike some ridiculous poses.




I did 2 for the record.

And a group picture.

'to infinity and beyond'

It was good fun after a long while.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Hike@Panorama Hill

On 14th May 2009, I woke up at 3.50am after 3 hours of sleep to drive to PANORAMA HILL, Sg. Lembing.

After packing my stuff, I left my house in a very high spirit to pick Clement, Chee Tat, Anna and Jerry up. Halfway through, the fog was quite bad and it blurred up the road ahead and Anna kept repeating" slowly wei, slowly la, slowly............" although I was driving at 30km/h. The cows were quite a nuisance as some of them were sleeping in the middle of the road until I flashed my lights at them and they moved slowly to the side of the road.

We reached our destination, Sg. Lembing after 45 minutes. Sg. Lembing town was in dead silence except for a few aunties who were at the market. We proceed to the foot of the hill. Before we started, Chee Tat smoked his 'power' stick to enhance his energy. And then, we started going up the hill. After climbing up a flight of stairs, we had our first pit stop due to Anna & Chee Tat's 'breathing difficulties'.

pit stop : Cle attending to both Chee Tat & Anna

We continued our hike after she got her breath back.haha.

Finally after 30 minutes, we reached the peak of Panorama Hill. There were around 30 people gathered up there with their Slr's mounted on the tripods waiting to capture the rising of the sun. We had 2 photographers among us too, credits to Anna & Jerry.

from darkness ......



After a while, we started taking pics on the other side. The morning mist was awesome, it was like looking at a picture and being in it at the same time.

friggin plant ruin it.

"Are we .. dreaming?"

Ah, it was just simply breath-taking.
Some random people-shots.

group pic

Since there was nothing much to do, we decided that it was time for us to leave and headed to the market to savour their famous noodles and tofu said to be made using water from the mountains. I'm definitely coming back again next time.

Till then!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Guard

It's these little things that count.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


ahhh, my last paper was a breeze. All the tips came out, I mean , the answers were already there for me to copy(it's an open book test). Stepping out of the exam hall was .......orgasmic. It's over!! After a month of slaving through my books, I'm a free man again.

And so, I went back to my haunted unit(rumoured) and started packing.

It was a lonely drive home on a sunny day. My cd player doesnt work, the radio is not clear, so practically it was a very monotonous drive all the way.

The repairs on the highways have not lessen, ah well, talk about quality. And after 3 hours, I reached my doorstep.
Waiting for me at the doorstep and the gate, I saw them, happily jumping around.


Ahhh.. it's good to be home.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tis' The Season.

to be jolly..not.

Hail my books!

have been sleeping with them, waking up with them, eating with them, and also travelling with them. I've never felt so hardworking before. Back when I was in polytechnic(in Kuantan), being a first class student was a breeze and I glided through the exams. Thought it will be the same at UTAR at first, but I was wrong, very very wrong. Looking at math equations where A + B = C and then from C you double or triple integrate it and at last transform it into some kinda shit makes me dizzy.

It's like looking into a friggin hypno-spiral.Thus, here I am dissecting the spiral. --

By the way, I had dinner with Clement last night at , according to Jeremy, Jalan Pasar's claypot chicken rice. It's my third time there though. The claypot chicken rice they serve can be considered good, with side dishes like thai tofu, seafood tofu, pig's intestine soup dan lain lain lagi.

And Cle's style of eating hasn't change a wee bit.

To end this post, let me present to you my university project's prototype(unrelated incident):

The Multi-purpose Lectern

with my teamates and prototype after the presentation (from left Yeoh, Kingston, Chinmin,me,Alex)