Thursday, January 21, 2010

23 Years Ago...

I was like this.

it's the angle of the pic

and 23 years later, I became like this.

erm.. hi

I was born on the 12th January, thanks to my parents for the perfect timing:). And so, my 23rd birthday story goes like this:

It was a windy 9th January Saturday, started with a birthday dinner at -Cherating Steakhouse- with 9 others who was willing to have this dinner with me. The ambience was good and the company was great!

the many faces of us

After the blow-and-cut ceremony, we headed to After7, this time joined by many others who only wants to drink. Details in there are forbidden but you can't miss this - Lau was shrugging on the couch.

what on earth was hoepack doing?

they're not sleepy, they're just a lil tipsy

Zhen the party monster.

Ended at 3 and we went for a sober-up session at Kemaman Kopitiam where Lau, again stole the show with his antics. Everyone went back home and slept like dead logs after that. Thanks people for celebrating with me and I love everyone of you.

Fast-forward the story to 3 days later, 12th Jan, I woke up in the morning feeling kind of frustrated knowing that ChiaWoon won't be here for my birthday, called her for 1 hour and she didn't even answer my calls and then when she finally called back and told me she was outside, I responded with a - not too happy tone and then she hung up happily =.=.

Approximately 5 minutes later, my mum told me that my present has arrived and so I went outside to see what kinda present I was supposed to received. And then it struck me, blurred from my emotions, I saw a female figure standing outside my house(no, not my mum or sister). My other half was standing there. I stood there for 2 seconds before waking up to reality to take her bags in.


For the 5 days she was in Kuantan, we watched the waves, went to Gelora, had great fun at the waterpark, and kept eating. She also made me unwrapped a 24 layer present but the effort was worth it.

after 10 minutes of unwrapping my present

My Girl

controlled reflexology smile

let's get wet

happy people

don't smile and drive

So there you go, my 23rd birthday story. Thank you.


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  2. ohmaisiewmai.... my ugly ahlian pics! >.<|||

    gained weight lo...ate so much :P
    damn.. i forgot to take vid of u getting mangjang while unwrapping the present... next time then >)