Monday, August 3, 2009

The Gala Dinner

Well, City Harvest Church held an 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner last sunday at Sunway Resort Hotel and I attended. Dress code was formal so I got myself a blazer and a pair of pants so that I would at least not be an outcast. And the day arrived.

All dressed up with a necktie around my neck didn't help because the weather was hot and we had to be bundled into a van at 5.30 in the evening. Eventually, the temperature went down. The best part of journey was I saw Kenny Sia jogging but unfortunately, only 2 of the guys in the van knew who he is.=.=

After 45 minutes of bouncing up and down in the van, we arrived. Did I tell you that we were in a van with the label "Bas Sekolah"? Bas Sekolah stopped at the entrance of the hotel and we got down in style. I bet you've never tried it before.


The reception of the ballroom was grand and without wasting time, we started to snap pictures. All the girls were beautifully dressed, and MOST of the guys were handsomely clothed too. After snapping pictures like paparazzis, we walked into the ballroom which was very nicely decorated with screens even on the sides. The food was not bad, but it wasn't that good either.
There were awards presentation too....:"and the best actor cell leader goes to .... *drum rolls* .. ". So from here, I'll just let the pictures do the speech.

Gentleman, choose one.


hotstuff, the white one.

happy people

alvin, chipmunk, ganesh

the Amp King

we wanted him too

Raymond, my ex . . . . . . . cell leader. :)

Little Alvin wants to play

And now, exclusively, me and the ladies. =D (in no particular order)

Janice told me that's her smile.

Eleven, you heard rite, her name is Eleven.


Qin Yan, my Kuantan-mate.

Winnie the pooh

Alice, in wonderland.

Shee Wuen a.k.a. Ah Wuen, smart & capable, you name it.


Little girl Yennee

Christine and Yuan Wei.

But I wasn't happy with one thing,

How could this happen to us?

I didnt win the lucky draw prize which was a 5 days 4 nights Bali vacation. Dang!

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